Frequently Asked Questions

Koigo is a web app that provides an overlay (“modal”) cart for your website. It runs on remote server. You use Koigo by placing html tags in your website that call the application to deliver the cart services on your website.

All of the product data - price, product description etc. - is kept on the Koigo server so your Add to Cart or View Cart tags are clean and simple, with no configuration needed in your site.

You can try out the Koigo cart on this demo site. Products aren’t real and no payments will be processed.

Our step-by-step guide shows how to set up Koigo and add tags to your site.

Three easy steps:

1. Sign up for a 30 day free trial at

2. Login to the dashboard and configure your store and products

3. Paste tags from your dashboard into your site.

Read more in our step-by-step guide

Here’s a partial list of things we think make Koigo the best cart ever:

  • Koigo handles your product data so that when you make a change to a product - for example, its price - the changes appear immediately on your site. You never have to call you 'web guy' to make changes.
  • Your business and your website are kept separate with Koigo, so you can concentrate on what you do best.
  • Koigo doesn't affect the style or layout of your site. It runs as a service so that when you make updates to your site, you don't have to worry about your cart. It does all the heavy lifting in the background.
  • Koigo is fast. It runs on optimized cloud servers and doesn’t slow down your site.
  • With the Koigo cart service, you never have to worry about updates or backups. The software is always up to date and data is always backed up, automatically.
  • It's built using modern technologies built for speed and security. Koigo doesn’t use legacy code like PHP that makes most other carts bloated, slow or insecure. Even our script tags are extra lean.
  • Clean interface that doesn’t interfere with navigation on your site.
  • Minimum clicks to buy. We’ve carefully thought through the checkout process to make it convenient for the customer.
  • No per-sale fees, no bandwidth charges.
  • No PHP scripts, databases, configuration or any of that old-school stuff to do on your server. There is literally no installation.
  • Logical admin interface – no hidden settings, no dependencies or ‘plugins’.
  • Shipping and tax calculations are simple and relevant.
  • Unlimited products. Easy mass uploads of product data.
  • Integrates into your website, uses your styling for a seamless user experience.
  • Because Koigo handles all your product data in the back end - where you don't have to worry about it - there is nothing to configure or set up in the front end. Changes you make to your site don't affect your Koigo cart.
  • Koigo is built with real-world stores in mind, so it does the things that business needs, like sending invoices and handling a variety of shipping and tax types.

Read more about how Koigo is different here.

Koigo comes in two flavors:

  • Physical Products - $29/mo – allows for unlimited products to be sold with no transaction fees. You can use this for physical products, services or anything else you sell that doesn’t require files to be downloaded.
    Subscribe to Physical Products Plan


  • Physical Products + downloads $39/mo – allows for unlimited physical products + unlimited downloadable products. You can store and sell digital files securely without limits.
    Subscribe to Physical + Downloads Plan


See our Features and Plans page for more details.

You don’t - Koigo is installation-free!

When you subscribe to Koigo you get access to your own dashboard where you set up products, shipping and tax rules, and other parameters of the cart and checkout. There is nothing to download and nothing to install on your web server or your personal device. It’s all handled through the secure online admin app that you access in your browser.

Yes. The Koigo app is hosted on secure servers in secure data centers. Koigo does not store any credit card information itself; it only provides the interface to the payment providers (Stripe and PayPal). Your product and customer data is stored securely on Koigo servers.

No, programming skills are not required. You do need to be familiar with HTML so that you can add Koigo tags to a web page. Have a look at our guide to building a store here. Or you can have someone build that for you. Since Koigo is completely modular, it’s easy to add Koigo to existing or new sites.

If you would like to have someone build a store for you using Koigo, please contact us.

Koigo is a monthly subscription. All subscriptions get the first month free. After that, the subscription renews automatically every month until canceled; your card is billed monthly on the anniversary of the date you sign up. You can subscribe here.

There is no limit to the number of products, but certain types of products and certain uses of Koigo are not allowed by the Terms of Service. Please have a look at that for a complete list of Limitations on Your Use of Koigo. Basically, nothing illegal, offensive, dangerous, hateful, obscene, highly restricted and so on is allowed. Please check the Limitations if you’re not sure.

Yes, Koigo has a rich set of options to configure shipping charges according to your particular requirements.

Here are a few highlights, all of which are optional and many of which can be combined to create detailed rules:

  • No shipping required, or customer pickup
  • Free shipping – set threshold by cost or number of pieces
  • Set minimum order threshold
  • Select ship-to countries and regions
  • Calculate shipping cost by:
    • flat rate
    • per item
    • percentage of order amount
    • per unit weight
    • by weight range


You can configure as many or as few shipping rules as you need.

Koigo allows for a flat tax rate, or a per country, or per US-state or Canadian-province tax rate. You can create any number of different tax rules for different regions.

The heart of Koigo is the system of HTML tags that lets you add a cart to your website with a simple button tag, and that pulls information about your products into your website. You can have live pricing and product information as well as fully functional cart without a server, just by using Koigo tags.

Read more here.

Koigo buttons (Add to Cart, View Cart) use your site’s CSS styling, so the appearance matches your website. If you don’t specify a custom CSS style, they appear in the browser default appearance.

Read more here.

Yes! You can grab a template csv file from your admin panel and load products into that. Any number of products can be uploaded to your store.

You use the File Uploader in the admin app to select one or many files from your device to upload to Koigo.

Then, when your customers make the purchase, Koigo sends them an email with a secure, randomized download link. The link is valid for a period of time and a number of download attempts that you specify in the admin app.

Koigo generates a pdf invoice when a sale is completed. This is sent as an attachment when the confirmation email, confirming the completed sale, is sent to your customer. You can access these in the Invoice Manager in the admin app, and you can also disable automatic sending of invoices.

These are available in the HTML Tags section in the admin app. You can cut and paste these into your html. The syntax is really simple so you can easily use a static page generator to build them into your site. Check out our step-by-step documentation here.

Yes, Koigo can send your orders to ShipStation so that you can generate shipping labels there.