How Koigo is Different

A different approach

Koigo is business-centric. It works for you, not the other way around.

Koigo was developed by a real-world business to satisfy the need for a shopping cart that solves real-world problems. Most ecommerce software today is written by programmers to do what they imagine a cart would do.

But, the problem is that programmers and merchants think differently. Without real-world experience, technical people end up designing software that is hard to use by folks who don’t think like they do. Our approach is straightforward: build a cart that works for the business person, not against them. Do the things that need doing - clearly, concisely. Koigo gets the job done.

A different user experience

We studied legacy carts to learn how to make them better, as well as how users interact with them. Cart abandonment is a major problem, and we looked at how careful design could fix that.

It turns out that annoyances around shipping are the main culprit. Customers need to know all the costs of the purchase up front. A major flaw is asking for too much information before shipping costs are revealed. It’s exasperating to have to enter a lot of personal data, sometimes even a credit card number, before the shipping cost is shown. Customers get frustrated or nervous about handing over too much data - and leave for a better experience elsewhere.

Koigo cuts the clicks required to get an answer to the bare minimum. Depending on shipping options configured by the store owner, this might be as little as selecting the country from easy drop-down menus. No personal information is requested before the customer has full disclosure of shipping costs and taxes.

Koigo streamlines the rest of the checkout process, too. We minimized the number of clicks and mouse movements. For example, when you enter a credit card number, the cursor automatically moves to the expiry month field. No need to move the mouse. This makes the process faster and smoother, leading to a better customer experience. This leads to more items in the cart and more return visits to your store.

Most shopping carts today appear as a separate page. So, when the customer adds a product to the cart and then goes to complete the purchase, they click on a link that takes them away to another page, losing the continuity of the user experience. Koigo solves this problem: the cart appears as an overlay that floats on top of the page content when needed; customers check their cart contents or complete the purchase in this window, so they never leave the shopping page or your website. No navigation headaches.

This makes it easy to continue shopping or to add more products, resulting in better conversions and less confusion. The customer doesn't get lost part way through a purchase. Your brand is enhanced with a seamless, professional checkout experience.

A different architecture

No installation. No databases, downloads or backups.

Koigo is an application that runs in the cloud. It provides a secure shopping cart overlaying the web page it's called from, so that customers never leave your selling page. Koigo maintains a database of your orders and communicates with Stripe or PayPal to complete payments.

When you subscribe to Koigo, you're provided with an admin panel that you access through your browser. There you configure products, shipping rules, tax rules, emails and invoices for your customers. You can add products one at a time or in bulk. Koigo can handle thousands of SKUs with ease.

In the admin, you'll find tags to use in your website for add-to-cart and view-cart buttons, for adding product prices, pictures and descriptions. You can use these tags in any website where you can edit the HTML.

Koigo handles things remotely and interacts with your website only when the cart is being used. No processing is done on your server, so your site runs much faster.

The content of your site is separate from the Koigo code that runs your store. This is means you can build your website using any tools you like, without having to run a bunch of code to manage your cart. What's more, even if you have a PHP based site (like Wordpress) you can easily insert the Koigo cart tags and Koigo will take care of the rest.

Save on maintenance costs: with Koigo you don’t have to look after programs on your server, set up databases or worry about backups. You do what you do best – selling your products in your store. Koigo does the heavy lifting.

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