About Us

Koigo Software Inc. is an e-commerce solutions company based in sunny Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We build cloud based microservices for websites. Our lead product is the Koigo cart which implements a modal shopping cart using simple html script tags.

The Beginning

It started with a specialty auto parts store that needed a cart to embed into an existing website. Looking at available options, nothing was a good fit - too complicated, too expensive, too much work.

Since the store owner had multiple businesses, it made sense to find a reusable solution. In a perfect world, you would add an html tag to your site that would generate the cart and be done with it. Repeat when you have a new store to open. Easy.

But not easy, because existing cart solutions were either not quite right for real-world stores selling real products to real people, or were only suitable for delivering digital products to tech-savvy clients, falling flat when products needed shipping. Worse yet, a lot of them wanted a cut of sales. The store owner needed a tool, not another paid partner. And buying into someone else's brand or distribution system or business model was not going to cut it. They needed complete control, ownership and simplicity.

That's why Koigo was made to be a business-friendly tool that simplifies online store building, decreases costs and increases revenues. Read more about how Koigo is different here.

The Future

Our vision is of a world in which things that should be easy are easy, not hard. We believe in functional software design - each part has a job to do with as little fuss as possible. Koigo cart doesn't require installation or maintenance. It's made to interact seamlessly with other microservices that we're building to fully solve the e-commerce problem, from cart to inventory management to shipping to design. Stay tuned!


Koigo - the cart for big fish

Koigo Software Inc.

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